little old me….

I’m a 20-something living in the states, about to move to Europe. A terrifying prospect I would not have chosen, but the world decided that was where I needed to be. I’m finishing my degree (finally!) in anthropology and archaeology with a focus in forensics and osteology (bones). I love it.

Lovelife: Taken. *shows the wedding rings around her neck* They’re not on my finger yet, but soon. 12 July, to a man (Atom) who has more of the qualities I never thought I could stand, but I love him more every day.

Children: Not yet. *pats her stomach* But they’re in there,waiting for Atom’s big scary sperm. Soon enough.

Television: Not much. I like The Fraggles, Bones, and Buffy. Most of which I get by DVD. Occasionally the Colbert Report.

Reading: Almost anything. Except Sci-Fi. I have a healthy respect for it (several of my friends read it), but the Sci-Fi i’ve been exposed to wasn’t my cup of tea.

Religion: Father was methodist, mother was catholic, raised scientologist. Fiance was raised catholic. Should be interesting. I’ll listen to anyone who doesn’t tell me to drink poisoned Kool-Aid or kill people because they’ve had sex before marriage.

Pro-Choice/Pro-Life: Both. I’m not “Anti-life”. I would not want to be forced into a choice. My personal belief is that you should take responsibility for your decisions in life. Every choice has massive consequences.

Education: Montessori Certified for 2.5-7 year olds. Anthropology degree. Soon to be stay-at-home-mom, probably. Once again, we’ll see!


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